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Windshield Deicer Concentrate
Product # 470

Windshield Deicer Concentrate uses a powerful methanol-based formula to quickly penetrate snow and ice for improved windshield visibility and safer driving.

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Windshield De-icer Concentrate - Pricing

5 Gallon


$ 12.80ea Shipping

30 Gallon


$ 38.80ea Shipping


Salt Rinse

Product # 710sal

SALT RINSE is an ice melt rinse aid that neutralizes the corrosive film left behind by ice melting chemicals. It helps to remove the chalky residue left behind on carpets and floors without discoloring or harming the surface.

This industrial strength rinsing compound has been developed specifically to cut through the dulling, white chalky residue lleft by ice melting chemicals.  Salt residue is chemically dissolved without harming sensitive painted or finished surfaces.

To remove heavy film from equipment: Dilute 6 oz per gallon of rinse water.  Spray liberally over the equipment surfaces and allow to act for several minutes.  Rinse with clean water.

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Salt Rinse - Pricing 

5 Gallon

$ 39.90 $ 12.80ea Shipping
30 Gallon $ 223.80 $ 38.80ea Shipping



Fuel Aid Plus

Product # 649

FUEL AID PLUS is a premium fuel additive formulated with special detergents to remove deposits and clogs from all types of gasoline engines.

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Fuel Aid Plus - Pricing

 4 - 1 gallons / case

$ 114.64 $ 12.80ea Shipping
30 Gallon $ 757.20 $ 38.80ea Shipping



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